Sushi Fish Attack

Open For Takeout


Special notes:

-We do not work with any third party delivery companies.

-Price can be changed without any notice.

-Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

-Warning: Food prepared here may contain shellfish and/or other allergens.

-While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we use the same cooking equipment for all food. Cross-contamination could occur and our restaurant is unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens.

-Warning: Fish dishes may contain bones.

-Warning: Food items with Real Crab may contain pieces of crab shell.

-*Krab= Imitation crab



Hamachi Belly 5.50

Yellowtail belly

Hamachi 5.50


Tombo 4.75


Toro 12.00

Tuna belly, per availability

Maguro 4.95


Uni 15.00

Sea urchin

Ebi 4.25

Cooked shrimp

Sake 4.50


Sake Belly 5.00

Salmon belly

Unagi 5.95

Fresh Water eel

Ika 3.95

Squid or cuttlefish

Ikura 5.95

Salmon roe

Ankimo (No Rice) 5.95

monk fish liver

Amaebi MP

sweet shrimp

Saba 3.95


Inari 3.25

tofu skin, fried bean curd

Tamago 3.50

egg cake

Hotate 5.50


Tobiko 5.95

flying fish roe (black tobiko)

Masago 4.50

smelt eggs

Tako 4.50


Kanpachi 6.50

amberjack, per availability

Bluefin Tuna 7.00

per availability


Sashimi Sampler (6pcs) 13.95

Chefs choice

Trio Sashimi 6pcs 15

(2 maguro, 2 sake, 2 hamachi)

Qurtet (16 pcs) 34

4 tuna, 4 hamachi, 4 salmon, 4 albacore

Hamachi Jalapeno (5pcs) 14.50

sliced yellowtail w/jalapeno (ponzu)

Bluefin (5pcs) 18.00

Toro (5pcs) 25.00

fatty tuna ,per availability

Albacore (5pcs) 12.95

Salmon (5pcs) 12.95

Yellowtail (5pcs) 13.95

Octopus (5pcs) 12.95

Tuna (5pcs) 14.95

Kanpachi (5pcs) 14.95

amberjack (per availability)

Chirashi 23.00

chefs choice of fish on top of sushi rice

Specialty Rolls

Thousand Island 13.50

(NO RICE) in: tuna, real crab, *krab, salmon, albacore, avocado top: cucumber wrap (ponzu)

Protein 14.50

(NO RICE) w/soy paper. in: real crab, *krab, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber top: salmon, yellowtail, smelt eggs, green onions (garlic ponzu)

French Kiss 12.95

(NO RICE) Not a roll in: real crab, *krab, avocado top: albacore (soy mustard, spicy mayo, sriracha drop)

Fish Attack Stack 15.50

(Not a roll, No rice) Layers of Tuna, , Salmon, Yellowtail, Real crab, *Krab, Avocado w/crispy wantons & chef's special sauce

Albacore Special 12.50

in: salmon, avocado, cream cheese top: albacore, avocado, green onion (ponzu)

Albacore 911 12.50

in: real crab, *krab, cucumber, avocado top: albacore, avocado, green onion (spicy ponzu)

Cherry Blossom 12.95

in: real crab, *krab, avocado, cucumber top: tuna, salmon

Dragon 12.50

in: real crab, *krab, cucumber, avocado top: eel, avocado (eel sauce)

Super Dragon 13.95

in: shrimp tempura, real crab, *krab, cucumber top: eel, avocado, bonito flakes (eel sauce)

Cindy 14.95

in: shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado top: tuna, salmon, kanpachi or hamachi, crunch (spicy mayo, eel sauce)

Ex-Girlfriend 12.95

in: shrimp tempura, real crab, *krab, cucumber, avocado top: spicy tuna, seaweed salad (spicy ponzu, sriracha drop)

Ex-Boyfriend 14.95

in: spicy langostino, avocado top: hamachi, avocado, jalapeno slices (spicy ponzu, sriracha)

Fish Attack Special Roll 14.50

real crab, *krab, eel, avocado, cucumber top: tuna, salmon. kanpachi or hamachi, sprouts (spicy mayo, "kona wasabi" mayo, teriyaki sauce, eel sauce)

Kanpai 15.95

in: real crab, *krab, scallops, avocado top: chopped chefs choice of fish (soy mustard & kizami wasabi)

Hot Kiss 12.95

in: spicy tuna, yellow tail, avocado, cucumber top: salmon, jalapeno (spicy mayo)

Hot Lover 13.95

scallop, real crab, *krab, cucumber, avocado top: yellowtail, cilantro (sriracha)

Kamikaze 13.95

in: scallop, real crab, *krab, spicy tuna, asparagus top:salmon, yellowtail, (spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce)

Mango Mango 12.95

in: salmon, hamachi, avocado top: sliced mango, sesame seeds (ponzu, sriracha)

Orange Crush 11.50

in: spicy scallop, cucumber, real crab, *krab top: salmon, sliced lemon, green onions (ponzu)

Playboy 10.50

in: shrimp, avocado, cream cheese top: salmon (spicy mayo)

Rainbow 12.95

in: real crab, *krab, cucumber, avocado top: assorted fish, avocado

Holiday 13.50

in: shrimp tempura, real crab, *krab, spicy tuna, gobo, avocado, cucumber top: torched fresh salmon (spicy mayo, spicy ponzu, sriracha & green onions )

Red Dragon 13.50

in: shrimp tempura, spicy tuna top: tuna, avocado, crunch (teriyaki sauce)

Spicy Bara 9.95

in: spicy tuna, cucumber, gobo, shiso, cilantro top: seaweed salad (sriracha)

Super Salmon 10.95

in: real crab, *krab, cucumber, avocado top: fresh salmon, sliced lemon

Catepillar 10.95

in: shrimp tempura, real crab, *krab, cucumber top: avocado, sesame seeds (eel sauce)

Vegas 9.95

(Deep-fried roll) in: salmon, albacore, real crab, *krab, cream cheese, avocado (sprout, eel sauce)

Volcano 10.95

(Deep Fried) in:fried tuna roll top: real crab, *krab, green onion (spicy mayo & "kona wasabi" mayo, eel sauce)

Bomb Bomb 13.95

in: shrimp tempura, real crab, *krab, cucumber top: avocado, fried soft shell crab, sesame seeds (spicy mayo, eel sauce)

Crunch Salmon 8.95

in: tempura salmon, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese top: crunch (eel sauce)

Spicy Crunch Shrimp 11.95

in: shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado top: real crab, *krab, crunch (spicy mayo, sriracha, eel sauce)

Dynamite Salmon 11.50

(Baked) in: real crab, *krab, avocado, cucumber top: baked salmon (dynamite sauce, eel sauce & green onion)

Dynamite LA 14.95

(Baked) in: real crab, *krab, avocado cucumber topped with langostino, crunch, masago, dynamite sauce, eel sauce

Dynamite Spicy Tuna 10.95

(Baked) in: real crab, *krab, avocado, cucumber top: baked spicy tuna (dynamite sauce, eel sauce, & green onion)

Fire Cracker 12.95

in: shrimp tempura, real crab, *krab, cucumber top: avocado, spicy tuna, crunch (spicy mayo, eel sauce)

Tiger 13.95

in: fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado top: eel, salmon (eel sauce & black tobiko)

Sunkiss 13.50

in: spicy real crab, *krab, avocado top: yellowtail, salmon ( spicy sweet chili sauce )

Seared Tuna Roll 13.95

in: shrimp tempura, real crab, *krab, cucumber, avocado, gobo Top: seared tuna (soy mustard, sriracha drop, green onions)

Shrimp Tempura Roll 6.95

in: shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado top:sesame seeds (eel sauce)

Spicy Crispy Rice 12.95

(Deep-fried) crispy seasoned sushi rice, spicy tuna w/jalapeno (spicy mayo, eel sauce, sriracha drop )

Spider 12.50

(w/soy paper) real crab, *krab, fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, sprout (eel sauce)

Red Roll 14.95

Inside: shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, real crab, *krab Top: salmon, octopus, marinated cucumber ( spicy chili sauce)

Sushi Pizza 10.50

fried sushi rice, spicy tuna, yellowtail, masago, sprouts (spicy mayo & "kona wasabi" mayo, eel sauce)

Double Kick 13.95

Inside: panko tuna, cucumber, avocado, jalapenos top tuna, yellowtail, wasabi mayo, cilantro, garlic ponzu

Basic Rolls

California 5.95

real crab, *krab, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds

Spicy Tuna 5.50

spicy tuna, cucumber, sesame seeds

Salmon 5.95

fresh salmon, asparagus, sesame seeds

Spicy scallop 5.95

real crab, *krab, smelt eggs, green onions, spicy house sauce, sesame seeds

Salmon Skin roll 5.50

baked salmon skin, cucumber(eel sauce, sesame seeds, bonito flakes)

Philadelphia roll 6.95

fresh salmon, avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds

Tekka Maki 5.00

tuna roll, seaweed outside

Hamachi maki 5.00

yellowtail, green onions, seaweed outside

Shrimp tempura roll 6.95

shrimp tempura, cucumbers, avocado with eel sauce

Hand Rolls

Spicy Tuna 4.50

California 4.95

Salmon 5.00

Salmon skin 4.50

Shrimp tempura 5.25

Soft Shell Crab 5.95

Spicy Scallop 4.95

Tuna 5.50

Unagi 6.50

Vegetable 4.00

Yellowtail 5.50

Small Plates

Agedashi tofu 4.95

Deep-fried tofu w/tempura sauce & bonito, dried seaweed, green onions

Teriyaki tofu 4.50

Deep-fried tofu w/teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds & green onions

Bara Bara 4.95

2 pcs deep-fried salmon & *krab cake w/spicy mayo, eel sauce

Hawaii Poke 12.95

Marinated tuna, seaweed salad, dikon & avocado

Hamachi Kama 8.50

Grilled cheek w/ponzu sauce

Salmon Kama 5.95

Grilled cheek w/ponzu sauce

Cheese Wontons 4.95

Deep-fried wontons filled with *krab, cream cheese, carrot, onion & green onions

Dodge Balls 4.95

4 pcs Panko Deep-fried spicy tuna roll w/spicy mayo, eel sauce & sesame seeds

Wow!! 4.00

Deep-fried salmon skin w/teriyaki sauce & sesame seeds

Jalapeno bomb 3.50

2 pcs Deep-fried jalapeno, cream cheese, *krab & spicy tuna

Soft Shell Crab 6.50

Deep-fried soft shell crab w/ponzu, green onions

Gyoza 5.50

6 pcs pan-fried pork & vegetable dumplings w/sauce, green onions

Edamame 3.95

Boiled soy beans w/garlic salt

Wok Garlic Chili Edamame 5.25


Vegetable tempura 9.50

Deep-fried mixed vegetables served w/tempura sauce 6pcs

Avocado tempura 4.50

Deep-fried avocado served w/tempura sauce

Salmon tempura 4.95

Deep-fried salmon served w/eel sauce & spicy mayo

Shrimp tempura 6.00

3 pcs Deep-fried shrimps served w/tempura sauce

Mixed tempura 10.50

Deep-fried shrimp 2pcs & vegetables 4 pcs w/tempura sauce

Shishito peppers 4.25

Stir fried japanese peppers w/house spicy sauce

Baby octopus tempura 6.50

Fried squid rings 8.95

Home made fried squid ( Attn: This item is Chewy )

Geso Karaage 5.25

Deep-fried squid tentacles ( Attn: This item is Chewy )

Vegetarian Specials

Avocado roll 5.00

Kappa maki( cucumber roll ) 4.00

Vegetable roll 5.00

avocado, cucumber, spring mix, asparagus, gobo

Avocado nigiri 2.50

Asparagus nigiri 2.50

Inari nigiri 3.25

Tamago nigiri 3.50

Ume maki 4.50

ume & shisho


House Salad 2.50

Mixed greens w/ginger dressing

Cucumber Salad 4.50

Pickled sliced cucumbers & sesame seeds

Seaweed salad 4.95

Seasoned Seaweed w/ponzu sauce

Salmon Skin salad 9.95

Spring mix, Crispy Salmon skins w/chef special dressing

Fish Attack special salad 13.95

Spring mix, assorted fishes w/chef special dressing

Seared Tuna salad 13.50

Seared tuna, spring mix, avocado w/soy mustard dressing

Tofu salad 6.95

House salad, fresh tofu & avocado w/ginger dressing


(served with miso soup & rice)

Chicken Teriyaki 11.95

w/stir seasonal vegetables, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds & green onions

Grilled Salmon 11.95

w/stir seasonal vegetables, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds & green onions

Noodle Soups

(thick Udon noodles)

Vegetable Udon 9.50

Tofu Udon 10.50

Yakisoba noodles

Wok Stir-Fried Noodle Served w/house salad & miso soup

w/TOFU 12.50

w/CHICKEN 12.95

w/SHRIMP 13.50